Katie Rosenblad: Sports Journalist

Oregon Football Fan Appreciation DayBorn and raised in the Pacific-Northwest, I am currently attending the University of Oregon where I am pursuing a double major in Journalism and Advertising. My dream is to work as a sports journalist both in photography, writing, and video.

I maintain a passion for sports that has carried me and only grown as I have furthered my life. From a very early age I knew I wanted to be involved with sports and writing. Throughout my childhood and now my young adult life my parents have exposed me to professional and collegiate sports as well as putting me and my siblings into as many sports as possible. There I gained my passion for sports and the impacts they have on audiences’ lives. Not a single sporting event goes by that I don’t have an “awe” moment and find beauty in what I am witnessing, which is where I gained an extreme enthusiasm for sports photography. My grandma put my first camera in my hand and no one has been able to tear it away from me since.

My inspiration: The National Brand that is The University of Oregon Athletic Department, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sports, and Nike.

My favorite sporting events: college football, volleyball, baseball, and the Olympics.

Duck&Me  Call: (503) 930 3161 | E-mail: krosenb3@uoregon.edu | Tweet: @KROSEatUO


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