Bryan Cargill – Videographer


I am a Journalism student at the University of Oregon, working towards obtaining a complimentary minor in multimedia. My focus is in videography, I have done work with various bands, motivational speakers, non-profit organizations and even for my current employers at the University of Oregon Recreation Center. My passions are in sustainability efforts, travel, and music.

Here is a link to my best video pieces.

Please take a look at my Twitter account. I like to produce tweets that range from local news, to international conflict, and alternative energy.

Please contact me at or (253) 508-8664

I look forward to helping your business grow, videography needs, or even just for a chat.

About bryancargill

Bryan Cargill is a student at the University of Oregon pursuing a degree in journalism with a focus in videography, and a minor in multimedia. When not working at the University of Oregon Student Recreation Center as a graphic artist and videographer, he can be found with a camera making a short documentaries, music videos, or simply capturing the moment. He also enjoys his position as the content developer and videographer for the non-profit, SmartRoots, which focuses on the empowerment of children through sustainable education. Cargill’s hobbies include videography, photography, playing guitar, biking, digital art and learning about innovative forms of alternative energy.
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