An Introduction: Devin Ream

Recently got the cover to the Spring Issue of Ethos Magazine.

Recently shot the photo that is on the cover of the Spring Issue of Ethos Magazine.

Devin Ream is a former small-business owner, web developer and computer repair associate, who has attended post-secondary educational institutions in three states (Missouri, Washington, Oregon). Born in Missouri, he spent his youth in the rural Ozark Mountains where he attended Ozark High School. It could be said that his journey has been both exploratory and driven, as his travels and pursuits have taken him from the Ozarks to Seattle, and eventually south to Eugene, Oregon. Living among such natural beauty has given him a deep respect for nature and its power, and that is reflecting through his current career and personal interests.

Devin attended Ozark Technical College for two years after high school, then transferred to Moberly-Area CC. All of his focus at this time was in computer information and technology; however he soon grew disenchanted with the prospect of sitting at a desk and working on computers for the rest of his life. It was at this time that Devin chose to move west, and attended Bellevue College near Seattle.

Like so many other young men in America’s past, Devin has embraced the sense of opportunity and openness in the western states. After earning his associates degree from Bellevue College, Devin decided to pursue a Journalism degree at the University of Oregon. He is on-track to earn his “Super-J” major, with a focus in either writing or photo-journalism. He has worked as a photographer for the online version of Ethos Magazine , the print edition of Ethos Magazine, Envision Journalism, and does many types of freelance work.

Other interests to Devin besides photography are the St. Louis Cardinals, baseball, guitar, music, philosophical and ethical theory, comedy of any kind, and nature.


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Twitter – @DevinReam

About devream25

I am an easy going guy that searches for all of the good things in life, negatives away and positives ahoy! If you don't live this way then get out of my way.
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