Q&A with sports broadcaster Jen Beyrle

by Allie Burger

If Jen Beyrle were a college football recruit, her position would be athlete because her abilities are so versatile. Beryle is a reporter for Comcast SportsNet Northwest, covering University of Oregon football, basketball, baseball and track and field. I was able to talk with her earlier this week about her career and advice for aspiring female sports broadcasters.

When did you know that you wanted to be a sports broadcaster?

I knew that I wanted to be a sports reporter when I was a senior in high school. Sports have always been a huge part of my life and journalism was always my favorite subject in school.

What is your favorite sport to cover, and why?

I get asked this question a lot and have a tough time answering it. To be honest, my favorite sport is the one that is in season. I cover football, basketball, baseball and track and field for Comcast SportsNet NW. Football is fun because it generates a lot of public interest. Basketball is my favorite sport and I was fortunate enough to play in college. We’re in baseball and track season now and both teams are having a great spring. Those two sports don’t’ get as much attention so it’s a fun challenge and they appreciate the coverage.

What has been your greatest experience as a reporter?

Working the 2012 Rose Ball and the Olympic Track and Field Trials were really memorable. Watching Ashton Eaton break the world record in the decathlon at Hayward Field was a very inspiring moment.

What do you do to prepare before an interview?

Study… A LOT! The more prepared you are going into an interview, the easier and more natural it will be. As a girl in the industry, the preparation is very important.

What are the most essential skills that you think that every reporter should have?

People skills and conversational skills are very important. Curiosity and thinking outside the box are also good qualities to have.

Do you think that the role of a female on camera is different than that of a male? Why?

Yes and no. Initially, sometimes males in the industry won’t take you seriously as a sports reporter. But if you prove yourself and take yourself seriously you will earn respect.

What advice would you give to aspiring reporters?

Work hard. Sports reporting is a very difficult industry to get into, so make sure you’re extremely passionate about what you’re doing. Find things you can improve on and make connections.

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