Revovation fees rising students costs

By Corinne Mooney

For the students that use the Rec Center, its being full is common complaint from UO students.

“The weight room is always filled, the back room is always filled,” said Sean Williams, a junior in business. “I love the Rec, but it’s definitely super methodical,” he added.

A group of prospective students exit the Rec Center

A group of prospective students exit the Rec Center.

But nothing good comes without a price.

Come fall 2013, the student fee will rise $105 per student, per term, for Rec Center and EMU renovations. Of that, $38 is going to pay off the $51 million bond the University is receiving to renovate the Rec Center. Students can expect to pay more than $300 on top of tuition for the renovations of both buildings.

Crystal Hawk, a psychology and english major, said, “I think the buildings are great the way they are, and I think they should be working on other buildings or programs.”

Student Marietta Oviatt said she had been to many other campuses including University of Las Vegas and Utah State, and said, “Their facilities have been far superior to the UO’s. Oviatt said she is excited to hear that renovations are happening and will improve the school’s image.

According to the UO Rec Center website, the turnstiles tick 3,500 to 5,000 students a day. With enrollment at UO reaching 25,000 students, that’s less than a fifth of students visiting the Rec Center per day.

“I’ve used the Rec Center maybe twice the past year,” said Dylan Carder, a computer science junior.

Ben Davies, a sophomore in psychology, said he uses the recreation center often and is okay with the fee increase because it’s cheaper than a gym membership.

The outdoor tennis court will be torn down to make room for Rec Center expansion.

The outdoor tennis court will be torn down to make room for Rec Center expansion.

Bryan Haunert, associate director of facilities, operations, and services, said the renovations will expand the Rec Center building by 110,000 square feet; about 85 percent will be brand new building, and the remainder is renovated building space.

Some additions to the Rec Center include doubling the fitness and weight area, a new three-court gym, two swimming pools, an additional medium-sized mind and body studio, a cycling studio, additional lockers, lounge and support area.

Haunert said in six weeks there will be tabling with a TV showing floor plans and blueprints to keep students informed about the renovations.

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