Q&A with Trisha Marcy, Eugene’s Crowned Funniest Person

By Jasmin Jimenez

I recently conducted an interview, via email, with Trisha Marcy, a well – recognized comedian in Eugene. On April Fool’s Day of this year, Marcy won the Laff Off comedic competition, that features up to twenty comedians, all competing for the title of the funniest person in the greater Eugene, Springfield, Veneta, Cottage Grove, Coburg, and Junction City area. Her knowledge of comedy and great joke delivery, have top comedians, like Leigh Anne Jasheway, recommending Marcy and saying that she is a comedian to keep an eye on.

What initially had you interested in pursuing comedy?

Well, I’ve always been funny. I was the youngest child – the only girl with four older brothers and I needed quick wit and humor to survive and be heard. I heard about Leigh Anne Jasheway’s Stand Up and Make ‘Em Laugh class (offered at LCC) when I first moved to Eugene (5 years ago) and finally had a chance to take it in Fall 2011.

When was your first performance? What was that experience like for you?

My first performance was the graduation for the Stand Up class on 11/29/11 at Actor’s Cabaret. It was exhilarating and nerve-wracking – and addicting!

How long have you been performing and around how many shows would you estimate that you’ve been in?

I’ve been performing since then. I’ve done about 12 times….

  • 3 Comedy Graduations
  • Shirley Collingswood Fundraiser

How do you come up with comedic material?

I think funny thoughts and then try to remember to write them down. A lot of times it’s just an idea and then I’ll sit down and try to come up with more material based on that particular topic. My husband is incredibly funny too and my muse – and helps me a lot with honing and refining.

What was the largest obstacle you faced in becoming a comedian?

Getting out of my own way. I get nervous each time I perform and I practice being present and committed to making people laugh – not in winning or being the best or anything else.

What would you say to people, like famous comedian, Johnny Carson, who claim men are funnier than women?

For me, it would go back to what Leigh Anne taught me at the very first Stand Up class, which was basically, there is no such thing as “not funny”. It might not be funny to you, but it may be to someone else. It’s all subjective. I would also say, “can’t we all get along,” or maybe the ‘F’ word, depending on my mood.


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1 Response to Q&A with Trisha Marcy, Eugene’s Crowned Funniest Person

  1. Trisha Marcy says:

    This is awesome; thank you, Jasmin!

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