Midterm Part 5 – Student Fees

New Student Fees For Campus Changes

Some Students are groaning over new fees at the UO while others have simply shrug it off

UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Oregon — Many University of Oregon students would agree that tuition alone is a heavy expense burden. However, students now have another fee to look forward to. More than three hundred dollars of new fees will soon be appearing on students’ annual bills and they will all be expected to pay up.


English: ASUO

English: ASUO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Yasmine Ibarra, employee at the ASUO office on the University campus, students, or their bill-paying parents, will see this three hundred plus dollar fee on their usual annual tuition bill statement beginning fall term 2013. These new fees will go towards renovating the EMU and Rec Center as soon as summer of this year or as late as fall of next year.


Bryan Haunert, associate director of facilities, operations, and services for the Rec Center says that these renovations will expand the Rec Center

The University of Oregon Logo.

The University of Oregon Logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

building by 110,000 square feet while the original building itself will be updated and renovated.


The fitness and weight area will be doubled, a new swimming pool added, a new “mind and body studio”, and much more will be additions to the Rec Center, Haunert also said. Renovation to the EMU will also be carried out, completing repairs that the University says are needed throughout the building.


Some students are not happy to be the ones paying for these changes, however and disagree on the urgency of repair for these buildings. Crystal Hawk, a University of Oregon student studying English and psychology, and who voter against these repairs and renovations said, “I think the buildings are great the way they are, and I think they should be working on other buildings and programs.”


Ben Davis, another UO student had no strong feelings either way, “I don’t spend very much time in the EMU, even though…[I’m] in here. It [the EMU] seems pretty nice but the fees don’t seem like very much on top of tuition.”

University of Oregon School of Law

University of Oregon School of Law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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