University students react to the increases in fees

By Mackenzie Henshaw

Increased fees for campus renovations cause students to consider the impact it will have on their wallets and their campus life.

EUGENE, Ore.—University of Oregon students will witness a spike in total fees intended to cover campus renovations starting fall term of next year.

Last Tuesday, the University of Oregon introduced two additional fees that will cause students to pay an extra $300 a year. A significant part of these fees will go towards remodels to the EMU and Student Rec Center in order to accommodate the increasing number of students attending the university. The student body approved these two projects in recent elections.

Despite this approval, some students are frustrated and annoyed about the extra cost that these fees will pose to their wallet, especially because by the time renovations will be complete, most of the students who are paying will have already graduated. “I don’t think it’s fair that people have to pay for it who don’t even use it,” said Monica Lynn, a junior business student.

Ariel Kane, a junior linguistics major, agreed. “The amount is too high for some students to comfortably pay in addition to tuition.”

Although many do not necessarily want to take on the extra cost, some students do see the positive impact that these renovations will have on the University of Oregon community.


The Erb Memorial Union in its current state.
Photo from Wikipedia Commons.

Sid Rivera, a senior psychology major, described the situation as a “necessary evil.”  Rivera works in the Holden Leadership Center at the EMU, where he has experienced “horror stories” due to the aging building. Rivera said one of the biggest problems was when the Subway soda machine leaked through the ceiling into the Holden lab below, ruining expensive technology.

Leigha Krick, a senior human physiology major, called the EMU “disgusting.”

“At other universities, the student union is a central hub,” Krick said. “I want to bring that to campus.”

She compares the new fees to taxes. “People don’t want to pay taxes for the public schools, but expect a great education system,” she said. “It [the EMU renovation] is a greater need.”

Renovations to the EMU and Student Rec Center include increased space, improved outdoor areas and smart technology. More information about the expansion project can be found at

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