University of Oregon’s Climbing Fees for Renovations May Affect Students

By Elizabeth McNamara

EUGENE, Ore—Fees at the University of Oregon will begin climbing in fall 2013, which may alter some students’ ability to pay for their education.

This fall, school fees are expected to increase more than $300 per year to help pay for the renovations of the EMU and Student Recreation Center. Some students have said that they are worried about being able to fund their education while other say the increase in funds does not affect them at all.


Inside the EMU
Photo by Elizabeth McNamara

Syd Rivera, a senior psychology major, works in the EMU at the Holden Center.  Rivera believes the EMU is in horrible shape and needs the renovation to happen. “Parts of the ceiling around the EMU are missing,” Rivera said.

When he first heard about the additional fees, he was not OK with it because he will graduate before the renovations are complete. “Although it’s selfish to be against it, I want to be benefiting from it,” Rivera said.


The outside of the SRC in Spring 2013
Photo by Elizabeth McNamara

Some students believe that it is time to repair the school’s community areas, even if they will not get to see it. Leigha Krick, a senior human physiology major and a SRC workout instructor, wants to make the EMU and SRC better for prospective students. “At other universities the student union is a central hub for campus,” Krick said. “I want to bring that to campus.”

Junior Linguists major Ariel Kane uses both the EMU and SRC frequently. She said that she enjoys studying in the EMU and climbing the rock wall at the SRC but thinks both of them could be updated. She said that she still believes that additional fees might be too much. “The amount is too high for some student to comfortably pay in addition to tuition,” Kane said.

“I don’t think it is fair that people have to pay for it who don’t even use it,” said Monica Lynn, a junior business major who works at the Union Market in the EMU. She said that the increase in fees would not affect her directly because her parents are helping her financially.

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