University of Oregon Students Upset by Larger Bill Come Fall

New student fees will be activated to support the renovations of both the Student Rec Center and EMU beginning in the fall of 2013.


Outside Student Rec Center – Image courtesy of the University of Oregon Admissions Office

EUGENE, Ore – University of Oregon of students share mixed feelings over $300 increase in tuition to fund renovations at Student Rec Center and Erb Memorial building.

The university will be having students pay an extra $105 every term in fees for the restorations for the Student Rec Center and Erb Memorial Building beginning in the fall of 2013. The Office of the Registrar says that $38 of those dollars will benefit renovations at the Rec Center and the remaining $67 will go towards construction at the EMU.

“I never know why fees are added certain terms and not others,” said Mike George, a business major. “ It’s strange that I don’t know where thousands of my dollars are exactly going towards like the Rec Center.”

George also says that he is a frequent user of the Rec Center because he is training for a triathlon and is frustrated that the renovations will not be completed until after he graduates.


Student Rec Center – Image courtesy of Jasmin Jimenez

The renovation website states that the current state of the Rec Center was intended to accommodate 2,500 people per day, although 4,500-6,500 people use the SRC every day.

Sophomore Taylor Mahoney said, “I’m not happy about the increase but I think that that is something that college students have to deal with. There are fees for everything. We just have to realize that that’s going to happen at any school.”

The upcoming fee will be applied to every student despite if they are frequent users of the buildings that are being renovated.

Junior Rick Mair says, “I am sure that some of the money is going to other things that I do not use already, so I can at least appreciate that I know where this money is going.”

Students can gain a better knowledge of where exactly their money is being directed by accessing the UO Office of the Registrar website. On the website, students or parents may download tuition and fee reports according to term.

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