Students Won’t Mind Increased Fees on Campus

By Myray Reames

EUGENE, Ore.—Students at the University of Oregon might be facing a steep hike in fees in the next few years, but student not paying their own tuition said they might not notice the change in their bills.

According to Robin Holmes, Vice President of Student Affairs, fees are estimated to raise $381 higher than expected by 2015. Student fees usually rise by three to five percent a year according to data from the University of Oregon system.  Because of renovations to the Student Recreation Center and the Erb Memorial Union this will be a much higher increase.


The Student Recreation Center will be renovated causing an increase in student fees (Photo by Myray Reames).


Jane Lyon, A freshmen, said she is not happy with the increases but doesn’t mind them because her parents are paying her tuition.

She said she has friends who pay their own tuition. “They would definitely be more concerned…the price of education is getting out of hand,” Lyon added.

According to data from the University of Oregon system, the SRCfee has risen 12.8 percent since the 2009-2010 school year.

“I’m mad that we are having to pay more,” Portia Nagona said. Nagona is a sophomore human physiology major who is paying half her tuition. She said she uses the SRC more so she would choose to allocate resources there rather than the EMU.

The SRC will be receiving $38 per term per student and $67 will go to the EMU for renovations.

Lyon’s parents are paying out-of-state tuition; she is from Salt Lake City, Utah. “My tuition is just incredible, Lyon said. “I think all extra fees are just shitty.” Lyon said.


The Erb Memorial Union will be renovated in the next few years for students (Photo by Myray Reames).

Noel Laporte is a senior biology major and out of state student. He said he believes out of state students, regardless of paying for their own tuition, won’t notice the extra fees because tuition is already so high. He said he understands the extra costs. “I think giving is always a good thing.”

Laporte said he believes that the SRC doesn’t need more money and that the EMU should be the priority.

Phil VanCamerik, a junior who works at the EMU, said, “I think the EMU is very important.” He said he thinks the allocation of money should be based on what the University sees fit. He added, “Fortunately, I am not paying my own tuition, so I’m a little biased.”

Samantha Hardy, a senior psychology major, said, “We shouldn’t have to pay for a place to study.” She said that paying to renovate the SRC is like paying for a gym membership, so she doesn’t mind an increase fees.

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