Student Fees Set to Increase


The EMU is located in the center of campus. It is home to many campus organizations including, ASUO, club sports and the craft center. Photo by: Alisha Jucevic

Written by Alisha Jucevic  Reporting I

EUGENE, Ore.  – University of Oregon students have mixed feelings about the upcoming fee increases for EMU and Rec Center renovations.

According to the University of Oregon, the EMU and SRC renovations will better meet the needs of the UO’s increasing student body. A $38 fee per term for the Rec Center, and a $67 fee per term for the EMU will be added to students’ tuition by fall of 2015. With other fee increases, this could raise the fees to nearly $560 per term. This will add $381 per year in fees alone.

Noel Laporte, senior biology major, said he does not think the Rec Center needs renovations. However, he does think renovating the Student Union should be a priority.

“The EMU is the campus hub for food, organizations and student government,” Laporte said. “I think it would be selfish to assume that since I am not going to see the changes, I shouldn’t pay.”

Jane Lyon, freshman undeclared major, said she was upset with the increasing fees. As an out-of-state student, she said her tuition is already incredibly high. For an Oregon resident taking sixteen credits, tuition and fees are $9,844 a year. For an out-of-state student taking the same amount of credits, tuition and fees are $30,484 a year.  These totals do not include the price of living, or the price of taking summer classes.

“The price of education is getting out of hand,” Lyon said.

Though Lyon was upset with the increasing fees, she said she understood the Rec Center needed to be expanded to “fit the athletic culture.”

According to the University of Oregon, student fees are “subject to change” each year. Robin Holmes, the vice president of student affairs, told The Emerald in late April that these two fees would raise the UO fees to the highest in the state.

Portia Nagona, sophomore human physiology major, said, “I’m mad that we are having to pay more.”

Nagona said she was upset with the increasing fees because she has to pay half of her tuition herself. She said that overall, students who have to pay their own tuition will dislike the fee increases because students generally do not earn a lot of money during their college years.


The Student Rec Center is located on the corner of 15th Ave. and University. Some of the new elements that will be added to the Rec Center in the renovations are, 600 new lockers, two spas, a lap pool and an auxiliary weight training area. Photo by: Alisha Jucevic

In contrast to Nagona, Phil VanCamerik, junior sports marketing major, said the increased fees do not bother him.

“Fortunately I am not paying my own tuition, so I’m a little biased,” VanCamerik said.

VanCamerik said he thought the renovations are necessary to the Rec Center and especially the to EMU. He said he thought the EMU is very important to students at the UO.


For more information on the renovations, visit the UO website.
For more information on student tuition and fees, visit the UO categlog.

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