College students to pay for university renovations

by Allie Burger

EUGENE, Ore.—The University of Oregon is gearing up for another round of renovations, a part of which will be paid for out of students’ pockets.


Student fee increases will help fund the renovation of the EMU this fall. Photo by Andre Chinn

The university announced last week that it will be increasing student fees per term in order to fund renovations to the campus recreation center and the Erb Memorial Union. The rise in price has sparked a conversation across campus, producing an array of opinions.

Beginning in the fall 2013, students will pay a total of  $105 more per term in student fees, with a sum of $315 per academic year. About two-thirds of that goes to the EMU and the rest to the rec center.

One of the positives of the expansion of the rec center specifically is that it is planned to offer more student jobs.

“Since I work at the rec,” sophomore Aaron Smirnoff said, “it’s an advantage for my working community and I think it will open up more opportunities for the students here.”

Some students are opposed to the increase in prices because they will not personally benefit from the renovations.

“I think it is bullshit that I have to pay for something I get absolutely no benefit from,” junior William Moser said. “It is like paying for a sandwich, but you only get a promise that the bread is in the oven.”

While the seniors will not see the benefits, some younger classmen are staying positive about the financial increase, hoping that they will see the renovations before graduation.

“I don’t like paying more, but I hope they finish before I graduate because I like the rec,” freshman Erica Prudent said.

In addition, many who currently utilize the facilities are excited for the updates to the EMU and rec center, even if they won’t get to see them.

“I guess it’s nice to have hard facts as to where our money is going to increase and that students will actually be benefitting from the costs,” law student Meredith Smith said.

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