UO Students Disapprove of Fees but are Divided on Use

Student fees will go to renovation of facilities
EMU east lawn
The Erb Memorial Union will receive student fees for renovation.
Photo: andrechinn (Flickr)

By Rick Lindfors – J361 staff writer
EUGENE, Ore – University of Oregon students are divided on how an increase in student fees should be used. While many agree the new fees are a burden, students disagree on the issue of renovating the EMU and Student Recreation Center.

The new fees will be used to renovate the EMU and Rec Center. Each student will be charged $38 for the Rec Center expansion and $67 for the EMU per term, making a total of $315 per year.

“My tuition is just incredible,” freshman Jane Lyon said. Lyon, a Salt Lake City native, believes that the rising price of education is becoming a bigger issue for students paying their way through school or out of state tuition.

“I’m mad that we are having to pay more,” said sophomore Portia Nagona, a human physiology major who pays half of her tuition and fees.

Some students believe in paying for the renovation of the EMU because it is the center of campus for students. “The EMU is the campus hub for food, organizations, and student government,” senior biology major Noel Laport said.

Senior music education student Stacer McChesney believes funding the EMU renovation is a proud thing to do. “We need to fund the EMU because it is owned by the students,” he said.

Other students place more priority on the Rec Center because of the athletic culture on campus. Lyon often makes her way to the Rec Center to run on a treadmill, but is often forced to work out on an elliptical machine because of crowding. She favors a Rec Center expansion to allow more students access to exercise equipment. Senior biology student Marcel Rockwell agrees that renovations need to be done but says that the athletic department should chip in because student athletes use the Rec as well.

Some students believe the two facilities do not need to be renovated. Senior digital arts student William Hayward thinks that both buildings are sufficient as they stand. He says that the new fees combined with rising living costs will make college less attractive for students, especially if the fees are for things students don’t want to use.

While the student body shows no clear consensus on what to spend their money on, they do not deny the increased burden. “The price of education is getting out of hand,” Lyon said. She said the price of higher education needs to be addressed because “everyone deserves to go to college.”

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