Why it’s so Good: Inspiring Design, Inspiring Writing

By Elizabeth McNamara

People may believe that writing about home and home decorating mostly consists of “how-to” sections and ideas for the home. Home sections of magazines also has a great deal of design. Architectural Digest is more than a design magazine; it has home decorating and styling as well. Writer Mayer Rus did an amazing job telling readers the beauty of the Oceanside Villa in Mexico while working with only one image.

 That’s no small feat in a place as bewitching as San José del Cabo, Mexico, where the house of Michelle Pitcher and her family manages the task with uncommon grace, offering an object lesson in the happy union of contextual sensitivity and pure magic.

The wording is wonderful and flows just like the scenery of the enchanting retreat being described. Rus has chosen a few great keywords to describe this home: grace, magic, and dreamy. These keywords perfectly reflect the style of the home and the beauty it holds.

“In order to find the appropriate expression for his client’s sun-kissed fantasía, Watson traveled not only to haciendas throughout Mexico but also to a series of 16th-century Palladian villas in Italy whose neoclassical lines provided the template for New World estates. By connecting the dots from the Veneto to Baja California, Watson determined a direction attuned to Pitcher’s aspirations as well as to the Los Cabos landscape.”

 Rus captured the way the Missouri residents feel when they are able to make their way down to their dreamy Mexican retreat. Rus brings in architectural elements as well as design elements into this article. The image shows the décor of this home, which perfectly matches the style of it as well.

The scheme ferries guests from the entry court—anchored by a Moorish-style fountain featuring a large blue-and-white urn—into the rotunda of a Spanish-inspired bell tower, through an atrium, and, finally, out to an arresting alfresco living room. This scenic double-colonnaded space can be closed off on the ocean side with a system of folding glass doors when high winds and rain threaten to disturb the tranquillity.

Rus has tied together architecture and décor together to create this wonderful article. Design feeds off of the architectural aspect of the home, which is important as a decorator to remember the style of the home before planning décor.


Photography by Pieter Estersohn


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