Zine Beat

Zine is short for “fanzine” and are small, usually DIY books printed and distributed everywhere that’s able. Elly Blue, producer of “Taking the Lane,” said on her website, “A zine is quicker and cheaper to create than a book or magazine, and slower but more satisfying, more permanent, and less commenty than a blog.”

Taking the Lane is a Portland-based zine that prints articles and advice about biking, feminism, and nonfiction such as “BikeSexuality,” a compilation of sex, lust, desire, and bikes. Taking the Lane ha a different theme every issue, from science fiction to dogs on bicycles. The most issue, “Pedal, Stretch, Breathe” is currently on Kickstarter to print the zine in bigger book format.

I like this zine and website because I love to bike, and there’s nothing better to do on a full moon than ride around town with a hundred other bicycle enthusiasts. Blue also makes blog posts, such as The Power of the Pub Crawl, on getting big groups of people together to bike.

The Portland Zine Symposium is the largest annual zine conference in the Northwest, encouraging zine and DIY culture. The following tweet leads to a blog/newsletter post about one of their events, and planning for the symposium.

The PZS provides tabling opportunities for zines across the Northwest to network and share ideas.

They can always use volunteers, and I think this would be a great opportunity to make connections, meet new people, and learn about the zine culture from the perspectives of those that make it.

The Toronto Zine Library is exactly what its name suggests. This group of zine readers, makers, and lovers help to preserve the zine culture and make available archived zines for Toronto residents to enjoy. TZL tweets and blogs about new additions to their collection, zine symposiums, and related events.

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