Sports Broadcasters on Twitter

by Allie Burger

With Twitter’s increasing popularity, it is easy to follow closely the lives and reports of the best female sports broadcasters of today. From live game updates to feature links to personal stories and quirky inner thoughts, Twitter allows these journalists to open their lives and their careers up to followers of their accounts. Here are a few of my favorite sports journalists to follow on Twitter:

1. The ESPN College GameDay and now NBA reporter Samantha Ponder is one of the greatest reporters on Twitter. She gives behind-the-scenes information on whatever she is covering, making the reader feel like they are at the game with her. For example, in one of her first NBA reports of her career last week, Ponder announced the status of one of the questionable starters of the game.

In addition, she keeps the information in her tweets informative and concise.

Finally, Ponder connects with her audience by using funny jokes or thoughts running through her head, expressing her personality clearly.

2. Erin Andrews is a sports news junkie, and shows that in her tweets. Her passion for talking about sports and all of the current events within the industry makes her a trustworthy source to follow.

Occasionally, she also tweets out information she finds during her research for stories. By doing this, Andrews provides access to followers about all of her knowledge, showing that she is a dedicated reporter.

However, I am not a huge fan of the promotional tweets that Erin has on her feed. At times, it feels like she uses to Twitter to promote her endorsements more than report the news.

3. Carolina Guillen is one of the most popular female Spanish-speaking reporters for ESPN currently. She also possesses a niche following due to her bilingual reporting and coverage of Latino athletes.

Unlike some other sports broadcasters, Guillen is not shy to express her personal opinion about athletes. Her high number of followers indicates that her audience trusts her thoughts.

Guillen uses Twitter primarily as a link to her broadcasts. She states when she will be on and which channel her followers can view her reports.

4. Charissa Thompson is an ESPN2 reporter who focuses on the statistics of players in her tweets more than some other sports broadcasters. Her lack of opinion in tweets presents information to her followers and allows them to form their own opinion about players and teams.

Thompson also makes jokes about sports events and athletes, giving off her sense of sarcasm and fun. Her mix of serious and joking tweets presents a good balance of entertainment and information to followers. For example, Thompson joked about the winner of The Masters last week.

Like Guillen, Thompson also utilizes Twitter to promote her upcoming broadcasts. But, rather than just stating what she will be reporting on, she teases the viewer by giving hints to who she will be interviewing, driving them to watch the broadcast when it is on.

The Twitter accounts of these four female sports broadcaster, among many others, keep me inspired to be a broadcaster and informed about what is going on in the industry. Their constant stream of news and entertainment to their fan bases depicts their dedication to their craft and love for sports.

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