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By Kyle Hebel

After another disappointing season, the Cleveland Cavaliers season ended with them sitting at home watching the NBA playoffs. However, the NBA season is year around and the Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to rebuild this team into a playoff contender. Twitter is a great source that provides insight and breaking news around this NBA organization. These are a few of the best Twitter accounts I found to be the best sources of information when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

1. Kyrie Irving 

Ever since Lebron James left to play for the Miami Heat back in the summer of 2010, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been in search to find a corner stone player to lead their franchise back to being relevant. Kyrie Irving has become that player. After being drafted 1st overall back in the 2011 NBA Draft, Irving has become that franchise saving player for this team. Irving is a great source when it comes to this team because he is the main component of the rebuilding era for this team. His twitter account @KyrieIrving  follows every step of his journey as well.

A follower can see the passion Irving has and the motivation he has on wanting to be great.

Some of Irving tweets are just him simply having fun. As stressful as being an emerging superstar in the NBA can be, Irving is still 21 years old and just wants to live his life as any 21 year would.

2. Jason Llyod

Jason Llyod is the Cleveland Cavaliers beat writer for the Akron Beacon Journal. He provides insight on all news surrounding this team whether it would be about the players, coaches, owner or analysis after every game. I found out yesterday through his twitter account that the Cavaliers hired former head coach, Mike Brown, to become their new coach for this upcoming season.

Llyod’s twitter account is a great source of information regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers because of his ability to reveal breaking news surrounding this organization.

Here is a tweet from Llyod, to his recent article, about why the Cavaliers fired Mike Brown way too soon following the 2010 season:

3. Terry Pluto

Terry Pluto is a sports columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He writes a sports column about all of the Cleveland sports teams, not just the Cavaliers. His columns are well written, insightful but most of all funny. The city of Cleveland hasn’t won a sport championship since 1964 so Pluto knows the sad state that Cleveland sports are in right now. He pokes fun at Cleveland sports a lot but understand that these teams are in a commitment to win. His twitter feed provides links to his recent articles, his opinions recent signings and hirings and important statistics revolving these moves.

Here are some examples of these tweets:

Here is a link to all of Pluto’s podcast surrounding the Cavaliers and all other Cleveland sports teams:

4. Cleveland Cavaliers

The official Twitter page of the Cleveland Cavaliers provides year around coverage about player signings, live scoring updates during the season and exclusive interviews with coaches, players, and owner of the team Dan Gilbert. For fans who are just starting to get into Cavaliers basketball, what better place to start then the Cavaliers own fan page.

This is the first press conference with new head coach Mike Brown provided by the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Interview with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert:

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