Top Women’s Health and Lifestyle Tweets

With summer on the horizon, many Twitter accounts have been ramping up their tweets about helpful health, fitness and general wellness information for women. There are several sources of information for this topic on Twitter and many boast great information, but I narrowed it down to four of what I think are some of the most influential Twitter accounts on the subject of women’s health and lifestyle.

1. Women’s Health Magazine 

I may have a bit of an obsession with Women’s Health Magazine (I think I have mentioned it in almost every post), but I think this magazine is a great source when it comes to women’s heath and lifestyle information. And their twitter @womenshealthmag follows through as well.

The tweets often intrigue viewers with a question and then provide a link to their online articles that explore subjects of health, fitness, style and beauty. They make this information accessible and understandable for everyday women.

Here are some good tweets:

Some tweets even include inspirational quotes or phrases to inspire women throughout the day. Such as this one:

2. New York Times Well

This twitter account is run by the Well blog, which is the New York Times site for all things wellness and health. While the tweets don’t focus exclusively on women, they do offer great information when it comes to wellness and health in general. Plus some of the articles are directed right at the subject of women’s health such as this one below.

The twitter account is really simple, but effective. Most posts give a question or headline, followed by a link to their blog with a more in-depth story. Following their twitter allows viewers to see these stories and decide which ones to follow rather than constantly checking back on their website. They also frequently update Twitter with new content, so following their twitter will notify of of any important, new articles on the blog.

I found this tweet/article interesting since the cinnamon challenge has been so popular:

Also this one:


For straight facts about women’s health, this Twitter account is the way to go. Run by the Women’s Health department of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, most tweets redirect the viewer back to their website for an article with in-depth, researched information on the topic. The twitter feed also frequently re-tweets important tweets from other health sources such as The Heart Truth or Fruits Vegetables for other sources on women’s health information.

The tweets are directed at a range of ages, but provide well-researched information by leading health professionals about current research in the world of women’s health. Whether it is information about cancer screenings or healthy food, this twitter account provides a starting point for great health information.

4. SELF Magazine

If I mentioned Women’s Health Magazine, I figured I should mention SELF Magazine, and their twitter as well, because they are also a leading women’s lifestyle magazine. They run their twitter in a very similar way to Women’s Health Magazine with promotional tweets of the women’s lifestyle articles that appear on their website. Their website contains great content on health and lifestyle.

I found this tweet interesting (even though I’m not graduating yet):

Also, their tweets often give articles that relate current seasons or holidays such as this one, which are helpful for applying to different times of the year:

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