High security, higher hopes


Hayward Field

EUGENE, Ore.- Despite the bombings at the Boston Marathon last week, Eugene residents aren’t worried about a recurrence this Sunday at the Eugene Marathon. Although Sunday’s weather could be drizzly and gray, the morale will be sunny and supportive.

Community members, such as Eliman Gibba, owner of Café Mafe food cart, expect more security, but not a decrease in turn out. Jed Raey, a genetic researcher at Peace Health, thinks that fear is a more dangerous reaction than resilience.

“It’s a tragedy every time you rethink it. But in a lot of ways, we’re resilient,” Raey said, “there will never be enough security, but do we want to live in a police state? No.”

Marathon officials released a statement on their website ensuring heightened security measures and a zero-tolerance policy for existing policies.

Cheryl Googe-Paup, a driver for Lane Transit District, said that LTD has responded to the attacks by bulking up security training. Although a routine practice, this training took more importance this week than ever before. “Security changes because things change,” Googe-Paup said.

There will be a number of events at the marathon in honor of Boston’s victims. Official will pass out black ribbons to wear, there will be a banner of support to sign, and runners are encouraged to place their hands over their hearts as they cross the finish line.  

About Ella Gummer

Ella Gummer is a fourth year Journalism and Spanish student at the University of Oregon. Her professional interests include gender studies, travel writing, media literacy education, and multimedia production. Hailing from Northern California where her large, hilarious family still lives, Ella now works, studies, explores, and gardens in Eugene with good friends and her fat cat. You can listen to her campus radio show, where she is known as DJ Boots, every Monday at 11am on KWVA 88.1 Eugene. Follow her on Twitter @ellaGummz.
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