Four Best Designers to Follow on Twitter

Graphic designers and type designers are all over twitter. A lot of influential people in the business use twitter to connect the design community. I have found many people helpful to follow to see not only work being produced but also to hear about what daily life is like for a designer. I have put a list together of great designers that are not only making it in the “real world” but also sharing that valuable information via Twitter.

1. Fabio Sasso founded Abduzeedo that is a blog all about design. He also works for Google as a designer. He runs the Abduzeedo Twitter.  

2. Sara Cwynar She is a graphic designer at the New York Times Magazine. She is a New York based artist who also works with photography.

3) I Love Typography is a blog that I recommended following. They also have a great Twitter feed with updates to their blog. This is a great place to connect with other designers on Twitter. They are based out of Vietnam and publish Codex Magazine.

4) Mark Weaver is a Designer and Art Director living in New York City. He has worked for The Daily Newspaper. He has worked for many agencies and designed for clients such as Red Bull. He tweets about design and converses with some of the top illustrators in New York. 

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