Best Food Writing Twitter Accounts

By Rachel Davidson

Food writers and food related twitter accounts can be very repetitive. Often, food writers tweet about what they eat, photos of every meal, and constant ‘foodstagraming’ (food photography on Instagram). Looking at mouthwatering chocolate brownies and gooey cheesy pasta over and over again is not a bad though.

However, here I have narrowed it down to the top 4 twitter feeds that I feel best represent the food writing industry. These twitter accounts post more than just food photos and meal updates but interesting perspectives on the food industry as a whole.

1. Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman is wonderful food writer for the New York Times and has written several books. Bittman is one of my favorite food writer twitter accounts to follow because he posts about the food industry as well as his own personal articles. His tweets always link to something;whether an article, a video, or book. Bittman is informing his twitter followers and is one great example of an intelligent food writer twitter account.

This tweet about sugar content in foods, blows my mind.

I also enjoy his application of current events-both tasteful and respectful.

Again linking to other food articles around the web, in this case The Guardian.

2. Bon Appetit

My obsession with everything Bon Appetit continues with their twitter account. Bon Appetit’s food magazine is, in my opinion, one of the best well rounded food magazines today with a variety of opinion, recipes, and general food information. Their twitter account doesn’t fall short of both interesting and entertaining-linking to a variety of posts straight from their magazine or blog.

Here are some good tweets that link to articles from their blog.

Bon Appetit even posted abut the Portland food scene.

3. Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan one famous foodie focuses on “the places where nature and culture intersect: on our plates, in our farms and gardens, and in the built environment”(Website) In his books he discusses many controversial food related issues such as the meat packing industry as well as analyzes food production and nutrition within America.

His twitter accounts follow suit with being both informative while informing his twitter followers about controversial issues. Always linking to other opinions and articles, Pollan’s twitter account is one of the best at getting a controversial conversation started.

One great example is his tweet related to a video about fast food and children.

Next, I love that he posted a petition form to bring light to an important food issue.

4. Matt Duckor

Matt Duckor is one of my favorite Bon Appetit food writers. His twitter account doesn’t disappoint. Matt Duckor’s twitter account transports me on his food journey. Traveling and reviewing restaurants and food often, I feel as though I am experiencing it all with him-all through his twitter feed.

I know I previously harped on food photography , but Matt Duckor brings it to a whole new level. It is not just your average photographs but a work of art. Take for example this picture, bringing light to a NY restaurant.

Exploiting the truth in is both fresh and witty. I love that Matt Duckor is not afraid to bring humor into his twitter.

Another great one:

Side Note: I found two great articles on Mashable that talked about good food twitter accounts to follow. Here and Here.

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