Expert Decorators to Follow on Twitter

By Elizabeth McNamara

Twitter has many users who pretend to know what they are talking about, which is why finding people who share inspiring links, engage in conversation, and spread their knowledge are hard to come by. A lot of decorating sites do have Twitter accounts, but not all of them feel real and personable. I have found 5 of the best Twitter accounts that everyone should be following.

1. Christian May, blogger of Maison21, is an interior designer with strong opinions about design. His tweets are insightful and give a good idea of what may be on a designers mind. May shares what he is reading, what interests him, and trends he believes will be coming and going. This gives people who aspire to be him the opportunity to tap into his mind through Twitter.

2. From clothing style to stylizing homes, Anne Sage does not want to keep Twitter and Blog followers bored. Sage, blogger of The City Sage, does a great job of informing followers about trends while also including them in conversation. She links to her blog so she can keep her Twitter account more fun than professional. She knows fashion and decorating ideas, which means Sage is a one-stop account for some people.

3. Elements of Style blogger, Erin Gates, does not only share trends in home and home decorating, she also shows followers personal examples, like her parents home. Gates does a great job of connecting with her audience while still remaining professional. She also uses Twitter to help spread news and articles she found online that are worth sharing to her followers.

4. HGTV is not only a great blog, website, channel, and magazine, it has a great twitter account. It shares tips and tricks from the shows as well as from their magazine. HGTV Twitter account tries to connect with its audience, even though it is a brand, not a person. This account ties in all of their other specific Twitter accounts. It has gardening, design, and show updates. This is a great account to follow with amazing, professional insight.

5. PopSugar has everything you could imagine in one place. From fitness to home decorating, PopSugar is dominating every aspect of our lives. CasaSugar is the home section of this large website. It is informative and even has great crafting ideas. CasaSugar is a fun and a younger version of other home and decorating websites, which allows a younger crowd to build an interest in decorating in a fun way. CasaSugar’s Twitter account is a must to follow if you are interested in knowing what makes a younger crowd want to learn more about home and home decorating.

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