Eugene Residents Do Not Fear Boston Incident in Their Hometown

Though much fear was generated from the tragedy in Boston, residents here in tracktown, USA have little worry over its affects on the seventh consecutive Eugene Marathon.


English: Spectators watch the 110-meter hurdle...

English: Spectators watch the 110-meter hurdles. Hayward Field has hosted the last two editions of the championships. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overall, it seems local Eugenians are confident that this marathon will proceed smoothly and have no concern that tragedy the likes of what happened in Boston will strike their home town.

“I think that it won’t affect the marathon but there will be more security,” said Cheryl Googe-Paup. “…overall, I think that people will be more up-beat and more aware of what’s going on around them.”

Jed Reay, a genetic researcher at PeaceHealth also believes that there’s nothing to worry about concerning the event this weekend. “I don’t think that it [Eugene Marathon] will change at all. It might potentially increase the numbers [of participants].”

Outside of the marathon this weekend however, measures to increase local security have already been taken informed Googe-Paup said. “We’ve already undergone added training within the LTD staff on what to do if anything happens.”

After incidents like the one in Boston, extra security and training is often the response, even here in Eugene. “There will never be enough security, but do we want to live in a police state? No,” said Raey.

The 5K will begin at 8:30 am while the marathon and half-marathon will begin at 7 am. All events will start at 15th and Agate street and finish at Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus. More information can be found at the official website:

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