Eugene Prepares for 7th Eugene Marathon

By Rachel Davidson

EUGENE, Ore.—Eugene community members talk about how the Boston bombing last week will affect the 7th Eugene Marathon this upcoming weekend.

A runner preparing for a race on Hayward Field. Photo Credit: PhotoPin

A runner preparing for a race on Hayward Field. Photo Credit: Photo Pin

Over 8,500 people will be participating in the race this weekend. Community members discuss their views on the safety of the runners and the impact the bombing last week will have on Eugene’s upcoming marathon.

Pete Peterson, a barber at the Red Rooster Barber Shop on 13th Avenue, thinks that the Boston bombing will have a slight effect on the upcoming Eugene Marathon. “I do not know if it will affect the runners physically. I think it will affect them mentally,” Peterson said. “Who’s not going to think about what happened in Boston?”

The Eugene Marathon sent out an email to runners and put an update on their page informing runners that they are taking extra security precautions. According to the website, officials  “have been working closely with local and national law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of everyone. Please be advised that we will be enforcing many existing policies this year with a ZERO TOLERANCE approach.”

The shock of the Boston bombings is still fresh in Eugene community members’ minds. “It is good to be safe though”, Peterson said, noting the increased security. Angie McCraney, a US bank employee, said, “People will be more aware of their surroundings” while running the race.  McCraney doesn’t know anyone running the race, but hopes that everyone will be safe.

Janie Smith a 7-11 employee has a different approach on the correlation between Boston and Eugene marathons.  “Eugene is the land of the hippies, peace and love” Smith said, “I do not think it will affect our race.” Smith also said how she doesn’t think the Boston bombings will have any effect on what she called the “small, sleepy town of Eugene”.

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