Boston Strong, Eugene Strong

Citizens agree the Eugene Marathon must go on after Boston bombings

By: Max O’Neil

EUGENE, Ore – In light of last week’s bombings at the Boston Marathon the common mood among citizens around the University of Oregon campus is that life must go on. With Boston still on people’s minds, the seventh Eugene Marathon and other events will occur as scheduled this Sunday, April 28.   

The marathon, which will start and finish at historic Hayward Field, will see increased security this year in attempt to provide a fun and safe environment for all involved. The Eugene Marathon website has this to say on the matter: “With the Boston tragedy still fresh in our hearts & minds, we want to reassure participants, volunteers and spectators that we have been working closely with local and national law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of everyone.” Existing policies will be enforced with a zero tolerance approach.

Anne McHarry of Sy’s Pizza Place thinks continuing as scheduled is the better decision. But, increasing security she thinks can only help to a certain extent. “It shows strength to carry on with the whole thing,” said McHarry.  “But if somebody wants to do something, security can’t stop them. Somebody always finds a way to hurt someone if they really want to.”


Bre Crane of Jambo World Crafts had similar thoughts to McHarry saying, “We can’t all be afraid of life. Otherwise we’d all be hermits.”


Rennelle Reese of McKenzie Outfitters compared this situation to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in that people can’t stop living their lives and shouldn’t change anything. She agrees with adding more security saying, “It makes people feel more comfortable.”


There are plans to honor and remember the Boston bombing victims throughout the day of the race. Black ribbons will be handed out to all runners. There will be a moment of silence with 2013 Boston elites Craig Leon and Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce. Runners have also been encouraged to place hands over their hearts upon crossing the finish line.  

Sunday's race will begin here on Agate Street outside Hayward Field...

Sunday’s race will begin here on Agate Street outside Hayward Field…

Sunday's race will finish on the track at Hayward Field

…and will finish through the gates and on the track


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