Beat Blog: The Top Tweets about Professional Snowboard Photography

There are lots of magazines and companies that share current news and updates on the world of snowboarding and photography. Most of these people who do have a twitter account, do not tweet exclusively about snowboard photography, but there are some that do focus specifically on snowboarding and winter sports. Many snowboard photographers are also videographers and they shoot other winter sports as well, so following a variety of people is a good way to stay up to date on the industry.

ESPN Snowboarding live tweets events like the XGames. They give updates on snowboard photography competitions and video webisodes on their website. The live tweets of large events like the XGames keeps you up to date on what riders to pay attention to and follow.

Sherpa Cinemas  is an amazing film company that has produced some of the most renowned films in the world of winter sports. Their twitter stream shows what their film company shooting, as well as other extreme sports media companies.

Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

OnBoard Snowboard Magazine is Europe’s best selling snowboard magazine. Their twitter stream gives a good variety of information on the work they produce and snowboard photography and videography. It also shows parts of the industry that are outside of the US.

Gretchen Bleiler is a professional snowboarder. As well as keeping up to date on snowboard companies and magazines, it is essential to know who you will be shooting and working with. In a predominately male sport and industry, Blailer is a talented female role model to follow.

Fstoppers is a video and photo website that gives up to date information on product reviews, professionals and new gear. They often have snowboard videography and photography and their twitter stream is a quick way to keep up to date on their website.

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