News Survey

By Corinne mooney

EUGENE, Ore. – On a university campus, students ignore their surroundings and walk by with their faces in their phones. In a survey conducted by UO School of Journalism and Communication students, more students read news on their phones than they do on TV.

Six out of ten students surveyed read or watch news on their smartphones, and two said they watch news on TV. Students get their news from a variety of websites including CNN, The Daily Show, Yahoo, NPR, and the Oregonian. According to the survey, students mostly commonly read CNN and watch The Daily Show.

Even with The Daily Show’s liberal bias, students surveyed who watch The Daily Show think media is biased toward conservatives.

Jennifer Fincher-Beard, a freshman in business, said she doesn’t use any online news sources. Fincher-Beard said she is online about four hours a day, but she spends little to none of that time reading or watching news. However, she said she is “pretty likely” to follow links to news from Facebook, “if they sound interesting.”

According to the survey, the number of students who find news to be biased to liberals and conservatives and biased to neither party is the same.

Harris gets his news from a CNN app on his phone and has a Facebook account, but doesn’t follow links to news sites from his newsfeed. “I don’t really watch news,” said undeclared freshman Cody Harris. “I have heard they are biased but I am not sure.”

CNN’s Headlines app puts news at your fingertips. That is, if you have a smartphone.

Christen Peevy, a sophomore in environmental science, said she gets her news from CNN and said she thinks news is biased to both conservatives and liberals.

Even though CNN and The Daily Show are known for their left-leaning liberal views, none that said they watched them thought that media is liberally-biased. Freshman Kayren Turner watches the Daily Show and said she thinks media is bias toward conservatives. Of the other students surveyed, those that get their news from CNN said news is biased to both parties.

“Fox is biased to conservatives, others are biased to liberals. It depends who is watching the station,” said freshman Alejandro Wallner. Wallner gets her news from Yahoo, Fox, and CNN. She said it depends on the media group what their bias is.

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