For Eugene, Marathon is a Symbol of Strength

Citizens say the run must go on despite Boston Attack
Hayward Field at the University of Oregon
Photo: IceNineJon (Flickr)

By Rick Lindfors – J361 staff writer

EUGENE, Ore – Eugene residents believe that even with the risk of danger at a public event, fear should not dictate life. Residents see the continuing Eugene Marathon as life moving on despite the Boston Marathon attack.

“It shows the strength to keep going,” said Anne McHarry, a chef at Sy’s New York Pizza. She added that even after the Boston attack, people should not be afraid to go out and live their lives they way they have.

“Life must go on,” said Renelle Reese, a sales clerk at McKenzie Outfiters. Reese knows runners who have competed in both the Eugene and Boston marathons in previous years. She likened the aftermath of the attacks to the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks in that people should not let fear prevent them from going out and living life.

Bree Crane, a saleswoman at Jambo World Crafts, says that life should continue in the face of danger. She said that if people let fear control their lives, then people would never leave their homes. “We can’t be afraid of life. Otherwise, we’d all be hermits,” Crane said.

With the Eugene Marathon staying on course, residents still realize there is some danger even with added security. While there may some fear after the Boston bombings, residents feel moving on shows strength in the face of danger. McHarry nobly said, “Moving on is part of beating danger.”  “People can do what they can to prevent [harm], but they can’t stop living,” said Reese

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