Excitement has not Diminished for the Eugene Marathon

By Elizabeth McNamara

EUGENE, Ore.- The Boston Marathon bombing has not feared residents of Eugene for the Eugene Marathon this Sunday.

Pete Peterson, who has worked at The Red Roster barbershop for more than 40 years, said, “I do not see the same thing happening here.”

Peterson thinks that the Boston Marathon bombing events should not worry runners due to the difference in city size. “I don’t know if it’s going to have an affect on how they feel physically, but it will mentally,” Peterson added.

Angie McCraney, who works at US Bank on 13th Ave., thinks that there will be more security at the 7th Eugene Marathon, which will calm any nerves that were emotionally affected by the Boston Marathon. “People will be more aware of their surroundings,” McCraney said.

Back of Hayward Field
Photo by Elizabeth McNamara

A 7-11 employee, Janie Smith, thinks that the marathon will not affect runners this weekend. Although the bombing at the Boston Marathon emotionally scarred many throughout the nation, she believes that it will not happen in Eugene. “It’s Eugene. Land of the hippies, peace and love,” Smith said.

Peterson said, “There are kooks everywhere.” Most residents feel safe and believe that what happened in Boston would not happen here. Even though Eugene is a smaller city, Eugene Marathon officials have informed participants on their site that they are taking extra precautions.

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