College students support transforming news industry

by Allie Burger

EUGENE, Ore.—The younger generation focuses on social media and technological advances, and it’s beginning to show in their ways of consuming news.

Last week, a survey conducted by the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon asked students about logistics regarding their news consumption. In total, the survey of ten students presented trends that contrasted those of their parents’ Generation X.

The trends that surfaced showed that college age students at the University of Oregon are not, for the most part, utilizing traditional news sources of television, radio and newspaper for everyday updates on the world around them.

Thirty percent of students said that they receive their news watching Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

“It is much more entertaining to watch than your everyday news,” said Elise Fylrie, a sophomore English student. “Jon Stewart is so funny.”

In addition to comedy television, students tend to rely on social media to receive their news.

Ninety percent of students are Facebook users, while 30 percent use Pinterest and twenty percent are on Twitter. Half of students said that they occasionally follow news links posted on the social media platforms that they use.

“I sometimes follow links, but not often. It depends if I am interested in the topic,” freshman math Kayren Turner said.  Turner is a Tumblr and Facebook user.

The eclectic array of ways that students consume news is similar to the number of devices that they access news sources on.

Sixty percent of students receive their news from of their phones, while fifty percent use their laptops. Twenty percent said that they use their televisions to watch news sources.

“I don’t have my TV hooked up so I don’t really watch the news right now,” said freshman chemistry major Alejandro Wallner.

Even a portion of the forty percent of students who follow CNN, a more traditional television news source, access it without using their television.

“I don’t really watch the news, “ freshman Cody Harris said. “I have an app for CNN on my phone.” 

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