Student’s Attitudes Towards Journalism

     EUGENE, Ore.- All students are using social media today but only 40 percent said they will follow links on social media sites to news according to a survey of underclassmen. Today, consuming news online and on social media sites has changed the way we both interpret and understand news.6660032213_204ab00d74_z

     According to the survey at the University of Oregon released on April 11th, 2013, young adults today gather news from TV, search engines, news websites, iPads and sometimes newspapers.

      Students disagreed on how the media is biased; 50 percent of underclassmen believed the media favors conservatives.

     Ashley Clasby, a sophomore art major, said she believes that the media is biased towards those that control the news and these people are more than often conservatives. She said that reporters are under corporate power of big businesses.

     In contrast to this, 20 percent of students believe that the media favors liberals.  Stephanie Farber, a freshmen pre-business major, said, “I feel like people now are for change, which is why the media is biased for liberals. Younger crowd calls for newer ways, right?” Another 30 percent of students said that the media is biased towards neither, giving examples of how the media can be equally conservative and liberal.

     According to the survey the average underclassmen spends 4.4 hours a day online. All of the students said that they are active on social media, and 40% of the students said they were likely to follow links to news or other info from those social media sites.

     “[I use] Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook… I’m very likely to get news form those sites,” said Cody Malay a sophomore, business and psychology major. He is also likely to gather news from his phone, or from watching ESPN.

     Korinne Breed, freshman International Studies major, said she prefers her iPhone and Tablet to find news. Though all of this news may not be hard hitting.

     “I go to Comedy Central mostly,” said Mario Dominguez, a sophomore business management major. He added, “This probably sounds really bad.”

     Similar to Dominguez, freshman business major, Lei Wang finds her news on sites that are not strictly journalism. Wang said she prefers to get her news from E! or other entertainment sites.

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