Survey Says- News story #1 by Rachel Davidson

College Students Consume News through Social Media Platforms

By Rachel Davidson

EUGENE, Ore–University of Oregon students get news information via social media platforms a survey discovered last week.  Americans no longer consume news from the typical daily newspaper on a Sunday morning with coffee. Instead news is transforming into a fast paced medium, and with a variety of outlets consumed almost instantaneously via social media platforms.

Instant twitter updates and Facebook links are making news accessible, especially to students. Today, Americans do not want to wait to read breaking news the next day in the paper, but instantaneously.


Reading the actual newspaper is a rare occurrence. Photo Credit: Photo Pin


“I read the news headlines on my twitter feed every morning when I wake up” Jenna Barasch, University of Oregon FHS sophomore, said, “And continuously check my feed throughout the day.”

Jenna, along with others university students consume their news through social media platforms through such as Twitter and Facebook.

In a recent survey conducted with University of Oregon students last week, it was discovered that 100% of students use their laptops or computers to consume news.  An additional 60 % of students said that they use their phones to get news.

University of Oregon junior Sarah Kussin said that she uses social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter on her phone to get the majority of her news. “I read every single article that is tweeted about on Twitter” said Kussin. Along with Kussin, 40 % of students said they use twitter as a social media platform while Facebook is the largest social media outlet with a majority of 80% usage.

The same survey showed that 90% of college student spends anywhere to 3-6 hours online per day.  Junior Connor Martin, admitted to spending 5 hours a day online and realized, “oh god, that’s way too much time online.” With social media platforms becoming increasingly popular it is important for News sources to properly use these outlets for their advantage.

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