How College Students Gather News

 By                                                                                                                                             Elizabeth McNamara

EUGENE, Ore- Thursday, April 11, college students conducted a survey to see how students receive news.


Unviersity of Oregon Campus.
Photo by Elizabeth McNamara

With a large number of new technologies and sources, it is hard to keep up on how students are getting their news. Journalism students from the University of Oregon put together a class-conducted survey to see how their peers consumed news.

Korinne Breed, freshman international studies major, prefers her iPhone or Tablet to find news. “Sometimes I use my computer, but usually not,” Breed said. Due to the convenience of the iPhone and tablet, students use mobile sites and applications, such as Twitter, more frequently.

Many students surveyed rely on Facebook to find news. Mario Dominquez, a sophomore business management major, only goes on Facebook out of all the other social media outlets. “I use Facebook only. I follow news links on Facebook pretty often,” Dominquez said. He prefers upbeat news rather than hard-hitting style of news. “I go on Comedy Central mostly,” Dominquez added.

Other students preferred traditional networks such as NBC and CNN. They rely on search engines like Google and Yahoo to lead them to the most up-to-date site.

Auraleigha Reneav, freshman dance major at Oregon, prefers following CNN. “It’s more worldly news,” Reneav said.


Inside Autzen Stadium Game Day.
Photo by Elizabeth McNamara

Lei Wang, a freshman business major, favors a lighter style of news. “I prefer E! Entertainment or any entertainment site,” Wang said. “I am not on social media. I get email updates from sites and follow those links,” Wang added.

Students who are involved in the sports community tend to frequent sports related sites for news. Cody Malay, a sophomore business and psychology major, relies on sports sites for news. “I prefer ESPN,” Malay said. He mostly gathers news from Twitter and Facebook, like most of the college students surveyed.

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