News Survey Assignment #1 By Kyle Hebel

EUGENE, Ore – The decline in print news is effecting students on the University of Oregon campus. In a recent survey conducted last Thursday at the University of Oregon, students are relying on their electronic devices for news rather than newspapers and magazine.

People can read news by simply logging onto Facebook or reading The New York Times off of an app on a mobile device.The advancements in technology allows students to instantly receive news from multiple media outlets. Out of the 10 students that took part in last week’s survey, eight use some type of electronic device to attain their news while only Brain Wells, a senior physics and math student, and Brandon Yeh, a senior political science student.

Ready accessibility of online news source has prompted students to rely on the Internet for learning about the issues important to them.

“I generally spend all of the rest hours online except going to the classes, eating and sleeping,” said Sihyung Lee, a junior biology student. Andrew DeCamp, a marketing student, said he spends “five to six hours” online every day.

Not every student spends a majority of their free time on the internet. Amaya Drake, a junior human physiology student, spends two to three hours on the internet a day. Ally Weinhold, a junior political science student, spends about an hour online a day.

These hours may vary depending on a student’s daily workload but they all have one thing in common; journalism is an aspect of their daily lives. What makes this interesting is that every student has their own different way of accessing the news. Lee uses a website called Naver, which is the main online newspaper website in Korea. DeCamp uses CNN, The Week, Yahoo and/or Reddit for his news updates. Drake uses ABC for her source of news.

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