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University of Oregon students aren’t completely in the dark about current news

EUGENE, Ore – During a survey conducted last week, journalism students at the University of Oregon determined that their peers are aware of current news.

During a student run survey conducted last week, journalism students learned that their fellow classmates tend to keep up with news reports. CNN, National Public Radio, and the Daily Show were amongst the top followed new sources for the surveyed UO students. Out of the 10 students surveyed, 60 percent used their phones as a means of getting their news.

Freshman Alejandro Wallner said, “I don’t have my TV hooked up, so I don’t really watch the news right now.” Alejandro said that he typically only receives news from his laptop, particularly from his Facebook and occasionally finds news on his Twitter feed.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all forms of social media that college students engage in to stay relevant with popular social trends and to see stay up to date on other’s day-to-day activities. According to, the average smartphone user checks all of their various forms of social media at least once a day.

With all these forms of social media, it is very common to see University of Oregon students peering down at their phone while meandering from class to class. But how much of that time on smartphones or laptops, is spent catching up on relevant news?

Freshman Cody Harris said, “I don’t really watch the news, but I have an app for CNN on my phone.” Harris says that he looks over some new stories on the CNN app severall times a week.

Whether or not students are tuning in at five in the evening to watch Diane Sawyer deliver a news story from Afghanistan, or whether students, like Harris, just skim their CNN app, the students interviewed are able to locate and receive news.

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