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Estonian heavy metal group Remote Silence perf...

Estonian heavy metal group Remote Silence performing at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the flood of electronic and dubstep music that has swept not only the University of Oregon campus but also the entire world, it is easy to forget that real music, with real instruments still exist out in the world. Yes, Macintosh’s aren’t the only thing with the ability to produce music in this day and age. In the world of music outside of dubstep and electronic, one genre rises above the rest in an epic conglomeration of guitar (possibly two of them), bass, drums, and screaming in-your-face vocals. I am of course talking about heavy metal. In this beat, I will focus on and highlight the righteous publications that continue to focus on this glorious type of sound.

I will of course mention Rolling Stone Magazine  in an unabashed display of favoritism. Rolling Stone has been a long time favorite publication of mine and not just because of its coverage of the metal scene. This publication is filled with anything that you could want to know about breaking politics, music, and economics. They too have a blog (the link will take you there) and do reporting on not just current metal, but the old metal and the roots of this astounding genre.

That’s Not Metal is another blog kept up by “Brenocide”. Here, any metal lover can find the oh so common sarcastic reviews of lesser genres as is typical of avid metal-heads as well as serious I’m-willing-to-die-for-this-band reviews as is also per usual. Interviews with big names from the metal scene are also hosted on this site as well as commentary from other metal lovers on what’s cool and what’s old news.

A rare and unique find in the world of metal are females whom harbor a raging love for metal. In a genre busting at the seems with bad odor and body hair, finding a lipstick wearing, fragrant smelling female is a refreshing find. Emily Bleak maintains the blog positivelyBLEAK. Here, you can find must listen to tracks according to Emily, as well as a stream of metal bands that have been recently talked/posted about. Now, any aspiring or practiced metal head can keep up to date on what’s “hip” in the world of metal.

Lastly, we have MetalSucks, a totally sarcastic name for a genre full of wonderfully sarcastic people. Here, one can find MP3’s, opinions, news, and gossip (yes, metal heads like gossip too). This blog is hugely hilarious and full of different things to click on that would keep even the most dedicated dubstep fan enthralled.

example of a riff of traditional heavy metal

example of a riff of traditional heavy metal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there you have it. Metal enthusiast or not, I’m sure that you will be able to reap some sort of entertainment from the listed blogs above, I know I did! Watch my posts on this site for more magnificently metal entries! Who knows, you may learn a thing or two about a music genre that had once before mistified or bored you.

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