Beat Post – Television Reporters Both Minnesotan and National

I aspire to be a television reporter/anchor after college.  My favorite journalists can often be found speaking on state and national broadcasts

Rick Lindfors

Tom Brokaw
Tom Brokaw by David Shankbone
Photo: david_shankbone (Flickr)

Tom Brokaw was the first journalist I followed seriously.  My parents would watch the CBS Evening News at night and I would switch it over to NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw because I thought he was cooler than the rest of the anchors in the evening news sphere.  After 21 years of reporting, Brokaw left his post as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News.  He currently works as a special corespondent for NBC News producing documentaries and providing knowledge on political issues.  He has covered news events around the world since 1962 starting in in Omaha, Nebraska.  He has won countless awards including the Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award.     His work and charming demeanor made him fun to follow even at a young age.

Anderson Cooper

Photo: dbking (Flickr)

Anderson Cooper is the anchor of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.  He covers national and international political events as well as some of the more ridiculous stories that come to the news desk.  Before joining CNN, Cooper worked as a correspondent for ABC news and Channel One News covering stories around the globe in hot zones such as Bosnia, Israel, Somalia, and Iran.  Notable stories as of late include coverage of the democratic revolutions in the Middle East and the 2012 US presidential election coverage.

Ann Curry
Today Show - Ann Curry
photo: triitalian (Flickr)

Ann Curry is a University of Oregon graduate who has anchored on Today, Dateline NBC, and NBC News.  She has covered international stories from hot zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda, and Darfur.  There is a quote of hers that I abide by, and that is “what people don’t know doesn’t exist.”  She is one of the main figures that got me interested in television reporting.
Frank Vascellaro
2012 Governor's Fishing Opener
Vascellaro pictured right
photo: GovernorDayton (Flickr)

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vascellaro in Minnesota when he was a keynote speaker at a charity event for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.  I was just a kid back then without a clue as to what I would end up studying, but I still thought he was a cool guy.  One of the reasons I have a lot of respect for local anchors and reporters is that they care and give back to the communities that they live in.  Vascellaro is an anchor at WCCO in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He was recognized by the society of professional journalists in 2008 for investigative reporting and recieved the Regional Emmy for Best Anchor in 2011.

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