Beat Blog: Local Magazines and Self-Publishing

I’m a copy/line editor who wants to help writers get their work sharpened up for publishing. Currently, I’m working with B. William Rockow

The Concealed Labyrinth of Dragons & Light by B. William Rockow. Photo from

on his first novel in The Time Totem Trilogy, The Concealed Labyrinth of Dragons & Light; editing copy for Pong Wolfgun‘s book Sumsuch; and producing this year’s Denali, a literary & arts magazine at LCC. (Check back in June for the first ever online edition!)

The world of novel publishing has changed drastically since the introduction of computers and the Internet in the 21st Century. Today, more than 85% of books sales are online.

Kindle 2: Electronic Paper Display

More than 85% of book sales are online. Kindle 2: Electronic Paper Display by Yutaka Tsutano from

Penelope Trunk writes career advice and is known for her resisting traditional publishing companies and her drive to self-publish. Read Trunk’s firsthand account with a big publisher here, and her advice on how to get yourself published here.

Evil Editor tells authors very openly why they aren’t getting published.  I think this blog is funny, and it provides insight into what editors are looking for in books and gives me ideas for my own editing.

I want to cover self-publishing because I want to edit writers’ novels, short stories, and poetry, collaborating with them to publish collections of their work. In addition to novels and anthologies, following are some local magazines put together and printed for readers’ pleasure through love of their craft.


Joshua Isaac Finch, Exiled in Eugene’s Editor/Production Manager. Photo by Rob Sydor, Eugene Commercial Photography from

Exiled in Eugene writes about local music with some poetry and literature mixed in. The next issue will available for FREE, strewn about businesses around town.

Stonecutter’s Union is a group of seven writers working to get this publication read and enjoyed by the public. The last I heard, their recent edition is on sale at Perk for $5.


Image from



Pork Magazine is a quarterly punk magazine with strange art, band coverage, comic strips, and reviews. I like this magazine because of its raunchy art and tongue-in-cheek product reviews.

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