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I Love This City Festival
Photo Credit: Shane Bingham

There has been a new wave of music, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), taking over the younger generation. EDM found its birthplace in small corners of the underground American music scene but rose to prominence across seas in Europe. Now, a couple decades later the prodigal son has returned, sweeping over radio waves and music festivals. We have been introduced to a new sort of sound that embodies dancing to the beat of the music. It is often classified as its own sovereign genre of music, but little do people know there is many complex and different subgenres within it, such as Progressive House, Trance, Dubstep, Trap, Moombahton, etc. Likened to the sub genres of classic rock, metal, punk and pop. Music festivals and concerts, for example Coachella and Ultra Music Festival, have been put together for people of different backgrounds and customs to come together and have one thing in common, the beat of the music. I first got introduced to EDM by my sister in 2010 when I was a senior in high school and have never looked back since. I was intrigued by this sort of sound because it is the only type of music  in my opinion that can successfully incorporate any genre into one song. It has grown and developed exponentially as a culture and movement since then, and I believe is here to stay for quite some time.


Beatport is the largest DJ and EDM community online. Here is where all the newest and best tracks are released, furthermore they rate them and provide with the top 100 current EDM songs. DJ’s want to climb the Beatport chart because they know it has many supporters and a large following. Viewers usually come here to find the best music, but while doing that you can find out just what you missed at the last festival and what new DJ is hitting the scene.


Dada Life Eugene, Oregon
Photo Credit: Shane Bingham

Gotta Dance Dirty

Gotta Dance Dirty is an EDM blog and website full of news, festival information, and downloadable music. It provides informations regarding upcoming events and festivals, including location and ticket prices. Blogs are often written about new upcoming artists in the EDM culture, and current artists tearing it up in the industry. New music releases are available including related music and music videos.

EDM Sauce 

EDM Sauce is a blog about all things EDM related. Here you can learn more about your favorite artists through interviews and videos. The reviews mostly focus on the song or artist, instead of culture and art, to further increase the EDM movement. People learn about the top new EDM stories and songs they have missed. At the same time the are able to look up events near their current city.

Drop Beats Not Bombs

This is an EDM blog that contains mixes, events, weekly playlists, contests, interviews, pictures and contact information. There is exclusive interviews with DJ’s including the date and location of interview. Fans can become more connected to the movement through interviews and contests held. This provides the opportunity for a viewer to become part of the culture. The blogs are clearly written and easy to access.

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