Beat: It All Begins with Home and Decorating

By Elizabeth McNamara

Decorating can be exciting for some while draining for others. One reason why people do not want to move or update their home is because it requires redecorating, which can end up being more stressful than fun. Now, there are sites and shows that give you expert advice while in the comfort of your own home, or where ever you may be reading or watching. However, some shows and sites may not give you as much diversity as you would like, which is why I found the best sites for all those decorating junkies, like me, to begin following.


Picture outside of one of Elizabeth’s childhood homes.
Photo by Elizabeth McNamara

I have always been obsessed with HGTV. I would have much rather watched House Hunters than cartoons when I was little. HGTV has a television channel, website, blog and a print magazine. HGTV has made it easier for you to read, hear, or watch them. They give great advice about buying homes all the way down to DIY projects. If you are trying to find the perfect paint color for your living room, HGTV has a section on their site just for that.

I have read Good Housekeeping for many years now, mostly because my mom had a subscription. Their website has a ‘Home & Organizing’ section which gives advice on how to decorate and even how to repair. This has a broader range of essential information to know if you are a house owner. The benefit of being a broader site is that a reader is able to get more than just home, decorating, and gardening information; they are able to get all information they could want from one site. Need to look up decorating and recipes? Good Housekeeping has both and more.

Real Simple has it all. From food to weddings, it will help you decorate every aspect of your life and life events. Real Simple is a great magazine that offers expert decorating advice as well as articles dedicated to explaining how things ‘work.’ This magazine and online magazine has one of the broader sites so it will allow you to look up more than just home and decorating information.


Elizabeth McNamara got inspired by a decorating board on Pinterest.
Photo and craft by Elizabeth McNamara

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, then you may be wondering which decorating boards to follow. Elle Decor has a collection of boards which include material from both their site and magazine, as well as a board dedicated to rooms with adorable dogs in them. They deliver everything that decorating junkies want to see on their Pinterest. From amazing bathrooms to stylish bikes, you will find something inspiring on Elle Decor’s Pinterest.

Finding inspirational decorating sites, blogs, and channels can be difficult. Hopefully these sites will help you stay motivated and find new ways to update your home.

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