Beat Blog: Typography and Graphic Design


Posters utilizing different typefaces in Bob’s Print Shop. Photo by Myray Reames

When we consume media we read and are told stories through design. Graphic design is relevant when I go on the internet, read a magazine, a poster, use my smart phone, or read a sign. It is a way of communicating ideas. Everytime we read a book or magazine someone has chosen the typeface you are reading for a reason. I am going to explore the world of graphic design and typography because of its importance in our world.

Many social media sites such as Facebook as well as all government signs use the popular choice of Helvetica for it’s ease of writing. I recommend the 2007 movie Helvetica to grasp the importance of the typeface.  All brands have their official typefaces so that consumers will recognize and associate with the brand whenever they read something by them. For example the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication uses the typeface Akzidenz-Grotesk.

Typekit is an Adobe site that hosts many typefaces that users can purchase. Their contributors make this blog. The blog explores type events hosted by Adobe, opinions and announcements about typefaces, and insight into web and user experience design.

Type For You is a blog by Pedro Serrão, a big time graphic designer and co-founder of This is Pacifica. He interviews designers and gathers new information and examples of good design in his blog. I recently enjoyed watching a type animation he posted from Pentagram Design, one of the largest design companies in the world, called 40 Years of Pentagram.


Poster describing the typeface Electra. Image by Myray Reames

I Love Typography is a blog started by John Boardley, a British-born writer, publisher, and graphic designer living in Vietnam. He publishes Codex: the journal of typography. The site has great information about what is new in typography and has a few contributors.

I wish to be a graphic designer and just last tuesday I had the opportunity of visiting Bob’s Print Shop. Bob used to work for the Register Guard, and other newspapers doing printing. In his garage now he has a few letter presses and machines from the time of manual printing. My blog on my visit can be found here. This blog I will be updating daily and observing elements of design.


Drawer of the metal letters of Futura Light used in letter press printing. Photo by Myray Reames

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