Beat Blog: Professional Snowboard Photography

Oliver Krant, senior at Ashland High School,  competes in Slopestyle competitions at Mt. Ashland Ski Resort. Photo by Alisha Jucevic

Oliver Krant, senior at Ashland High School, competes in Slopestyle competitions at Mt. Ashland Ski Resort.
Photo by Alisha Jucevic

By Alisha Jucevic 

Snowboarding and photography are two of my greatest passions. I took my first trip up to the mountain in middle school, and since then, I haven’t stopped going back. I did snowboard team in high school, and competed in BoarderX at state level.

Though there are countless snowboard destinations worldwide, some of the best resorts are here in the USA. Here in Oregon alone, there are over ten snowboard and ski resorts.

The art of extreme sport photography is a hard one to learn, and you must be among the best of the best to make a living in the industry. Snowboard photography is even more specific, and usually snowboard photographers also photograph other subjects. Many of these photographers work for snowboard magazines such as Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder Magazine, and Snowboard MagazineFrequency, “The Snowboarder’s Journal”, is another well known snowboard magazine published quarterly. Professional photographers in this field also work for snowboard brands.

Dean Blotto Gray started snowboarding in college and has ever since. He is the principle photographer for Burton Snowboards. His work ranges from backcountry boarding to resorts and urban areas. In an interview with PetaPixel Gray talks about the life of a profession snowboard photographer:

The biggest difference between snowboarding and general sports is location, but more specifically dealing with the threat of avalanches in the alpine. A common thread is most of snowboarding’s photographers and cinematographers are snowboarders themselves, many of which are former professional riders.

Darcy Bacha is an Oregon based snowboard photographer living at the base of Mt. Hood. He won the 2012 Powder Magazine’s photo of the year and he currently shoots for multiple snowboard magazines and brands, such as Transworld Snowboarding. He also has a large portfolio of outdoor and wildlife photography.  

Andy Wright was first published in 1997, before the world of digital and is one of the most well known in his trade. He is a senior photographer for Transworld Snowbaording and has been shooting snowboarding for over 15 years.  He has won multiple awards and has an diverse portfolio of vibrant shots.

Some other notable snowboard photographers are Ryan Hughes and Oskar Enander.

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