Believeland: The Cleveland Cavaliers Blog By Kyle Hebel

The city of Cleveland is embracing their new hero Kyrie Irving (left) as they are trying to forget about their old one Lebron James (right)

The city of Cleveland is embracing their new hero Kyrie Irving (left) as he is squaring off against former Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James (right). Photo by: David Richard USA Today Sports

I started following the Cleveland Cavaliers as a young boy at the age 10. I have been through it all from the 17 win season back in 2002 to the 66 win season in 2009. However one thing has stayed the same throughout the years; no championships. However, my dedication to my childhood team never faltered and I will continue to have great hopes for this team until the city of Cleveland has Larry O’Brien trophy to call their own.

This blog will follow the Cleveland Cavaliers through the end of their regular season and look forward to their off-season as they try to rebuild an NBA Championship team.

Another year, another losing record. That has been norm in Cleveland ever since Lebron James left in the summer of 2010. The Cavaliers have gone through a brutal transition period being one of the NBA’s best to one of their worst. However, all is not lost. They

NBA Commissioner David Stern (left) congratulates Kyrie Irving (right) as he was just drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA Commissioner David Stern (left) congratulates Kyrie Irving (right) as he was just drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Photo Courtesy by

drafted one of the league’s brightest young players in Kyrie Irving, they have tons of cap room to acquire players this off-season and most importantly it can only go up from here.

It has been a rocky time for Cleveland basketball but follow this team now as they begin to rebuild itself into one of the youngest teams in the NBA. Check out these news sites for up to date coverage and the latest news from the Cavaliers.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal are local resources for up to the minute news on the Cavaliers. Mary Schmitt Boyer, Cavaliers beat writer for The Cleveland Plain Dealer, has her own blog called “Hey, Mary!” where fans send their own personal questions and concerns to Mary about the Cavaliers. It’s a great way to get immediate insight about the team from a person who covers the team daily.

Cavs: The Blog takes a more funny approach to the Cavaliers recent struggles by saying jokes about the team, making fun of Lebron James any chance they get, putting hopefully fans in perspective by reminding them that this is the city of Cleveland we are talking about and shedding humorous light on a dark rebuilding situation. If someone to hear, and not read, about the Cavaliers from the Cavs: The Blog crew, you can always this to their podcast. 

The Cavaliers’ official website has up to the minute coverage of each game, video highlights, game recaps, pre-game and post-game players and coaches interviews and Cavaliers forum where fans can express their own insightful opinions about the team.

The Cavaliers players are all active user on Twitter. You can follow the Cavaliers @cavs

Players who use Twitter include:

Point Guard Kyrie Irving: @KyrieIrving

Shooting Guard Dion Waiters: @DionWaiters3

Small Forward Omri Casspi: @Casspi18

Shooting Guard Wayne Ellington: @WayneElli22

Small Forward Alonzo Gee: @GeeAlonzo

Shooting Guard Daniel Gibson: @BooBysWorld1

Power Forward Kevin Jones: @kevjones5

Shooting Guard C.J. Miles: @masfresco

Power Forward Marreese Speights: @Mospeights16

Power Forward Tristan Thompson: @RealTristan13

Center Anderson Varejao: @VAREJAOANDERSON

Center Tyler Zeller: @ZellerTyler

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