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I am a double major in Journalism and Spanish at the University of Oregon. I am on the verge of being a “super senior,” which I’ve realized means that I am articulate and like to take my time making things the best they can be. I am a surfer, knitter, reader, concertgoer, and SF Giants fan; yoga enthusiast, recreational golfer, and aspiring drummer. Fields of particular interest include multimedia, online production, editorial, and social media. I am looking for summer job or internship lending a meaningful hand to an organization that values diligence, ambition, and balance and believes in grooming talent.

Follow me on Twitter @ellaGummz

You can also listen in to my campus radio show Tuesdays from 8-10 am, where I lay down the beats under the alias DJ Boots.

About Ella Gummer

Ella Gummer is a fourth year Journalism and Spanish student at the University of Oregon. Her professional interests include gender studies, travel writing, media literacy education, and multimedia production. Hailing from Northern California where her large, hilarious family still lives, Ella now works, studies, explores, and gardens in Eugene with good friends and her fat cat. You can listen to her campus radio show, where she is known as DJ Boots, every Monday at 11am on KWVA 88.1 Eugene. Follow her on Twitter @ellaGummz.
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