Introducing Allysun Kirkham, Journalist Extraordinaire





My name is Allysun Kirkham and I am a jounalism student at the University of Oregon. Originally, I am from Bellingham, Washington but am really enjoying my transplant here in good ‘ole Eugene, Oregon. My dream job would be to work for Rolling Stone Magazine writing about music, stars, politics, the environment, and business. I love being outside and often you

can find me walking in the woods, along the beach, or getting lost in my own backyard. I spend much of my time with friends and family as well. I love to meet new people and have great communications skills and have a way of getting people to open up to me. Other skills that I posses include familiarity with Finalcut Pro, Photoshop, and InDesign. I have also helped in launching a Kickstarter campaign for a local Eugene non-profit art gallery and am currently involved in their progress regarding this as well. As I said above, I am great when it comes to communicating with people and also great when it comes to working around deadlines and managing time. I am an extremely organized person as well and am prepared and ready for nearly anything.I have had a great internship with Business Pulse Magazine but am at this time looking for more experience in another department. I can be gotten ahold of through my email: OR through my Twitter account.

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