Introducing Corinne Mooney, Editing Extraordinaire

Using correct and appropriate language is imperative to getting the point across, and even a misplaced apostrophe or misspelling can damage or change a message. Minor errors in texts are blaring to me. I find them distracting, and I’m inspired to work toward sharpening writers’ work with a fresh pair of eyes and an innate understanding of English composition and grammar.
Whether it be advertisements, articles, textbooks, novels, or even signage, I catch errors and strive to fix them. I currently do freelance editing ranging from novels to school papers. I work thoroughly and take my time on every piece, catching anything I can find including misspellings, punctuation, and sentence structure.
If you are a writer and are looking for an editor, go no further! Contact me if you are interested in having your work sharpened up for publication or for anything else.
I’m currently lead copy chief at FLUX. Here’s my LinkedIn.
Besides freelance ($15/hr), I’m interested in a full-time editing position in a magazine, newspaper, or online publication. I’ll bring a creative and curious eye in both design and vernacular.
You can contact me at
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