Casey Smith, Reporter at VIBE Magazine

Casey Smith is a reporter for VIBE magazine, who covers electronic music shows. He receives press passes to the shows, meets the artists, and interviews them. His articles can be found here.


1. How did you get started covering electronic music?

C: I started working for a technology branch of VIBE magazine – they were looking to diversify their coverage and I am a fan of the genre, so I started writing to get press passes to shows and to build my interview portfolio, but I am not really paid for it. It’s kind of a circumstantial arrangement.

2. Has covering electronic music changed the way you enjoy it recreationally?

C: Covering the EDM (electro dance music) scene has definitely turned me into a bit of an industry snob. I rarely go to shows if I have to pay anymore and my criterion of shows (artist, venue, promoted) has changed as well. There are certain venues and artists I will never support after learning certain things about them inside of the industry.

3. Does covering electronic music make you desire a career in electronic music?

C: The electronic music scene is hip and new right now, you get the feel that you’re right on the verge of the important stuff happening in pop culture. This will eventually change though, so in that sense, it hasn’t made me desire a career in electronic music, but it has shown me the power of access, and in this sense it has strengthened my desire for a career in media.

4. What is the best perk about covering electronic music?

The best perk is getting press access to actually talk to the artists and get out of the sweaty crowd.

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