Little anticipation for Academy Awards

University students are not eager to watch the 85th annual award show


Photo by Brad Miller

Eugene, Ore. -The 85th annual Academy Awards will take place February 24th at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood to celebrate and award the best films, actors, and directors of the year in cinema.
The list of nominees was released several weeks ago, sparking anticipation and speculation over who will win. Familiar names like Bradley Cooper and Steven Spielberg have been nominated, while Quvenzhané Wallis highlights the first-time nominees for her portrayal of the character Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild. Wallis, who is just nine years old, became the youngest actress ever to receive a nomination for best actress.
“It’s always impressive when a young actress can do so well. She played brave and naïve at the same time,” said Wes Thompson, a fifth year architecture major. He added, “It would be cool for a younger actress to win.”
Thompson went on to say that he would vote for Beasts of the Southern Wild for best picture because of the story as well as the cinematography.
Thompson, who said that he will likely not watch the Oscars on television, was not alone in that. Ariadne Cluver, a senior biology major, and Kelly Keese, a senior art history major, both said that they would likely not watch the award show either.
“I catch up online afterwards,” said Keese, “It is tedious because there is so much chatter between the award [presentations].” She stated that the long time between actual presentations is annoying and that it is much easier and quicker for her to find the results online as opposed to watching the award show.
Keese also said that she likes Jennifer Lawrence for best actress for her work in Silver Linings Playbook. “She did a good job with a character what I think would be hard to play,” she said.
Her choice for best picture would be Django Unchained because, “…it touches on racial issues. But I liked it since it did touch on the topics that people don’t usually talk about.”
Cluver, who has not seen any of the best picture nominees, stated her displeasure with the process of seeing a movie in theaters. “Those are all movies I’m interested in seeing, but there is always something else to do besides go to the theaters and battle the crowds,’ she said in reference to the films nominated for best picture. “I’d rather wait for [them] to come out on Netflix.”
Keese echoed that sentiment, saying, “Eugene is pretty nice because of the dollar theater because you can catch up on the latest movies. I’d wait for a movie to come into the cheap theaters.”
So while many care about the recipients of the awards, most do not care to spend time and money going out to theaters or to watch the award ceremony.
Seth McFarlane will host this year’s show which will are live on ABC, February 24th at 7 p.m. Eastern.
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