Oscar Predictions from Springfield


Gateway Mall, Springfield, OR.
Photo by: Victor Flores


Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook appear to be favorites at this years awards. 

By: Caitlin Taylor

It’s officially “Awards Season” as dubbed by the media. The grande finale to the season packed with awards show is the Academy Awards which is right around the corner. Nominations were recently released and while critics have their own personal predictions, ordinary people have something to say as well.

The customers and employees at the Gateway Mall in Springfield, OR have their own speculations on how the show will turn out when it airs Feb. 24 on ABC. 

With 24 categories of nominations for this year’s awards there is plenty to discuss surrounding the show. However, most people choose to discuss the more popular awards, like best picture and best actor. 

Linda Birkby, a Springfield resident, went to see Lincoln on Wednesday at Gateway Mall’s Cinemark 17 theater. Her husband accompanied her to the film, one of nine nominated for best picture.

Lincoln should win [best picture],” Birkby said as she left the theater. But when it comes down to the big night, she thinks that a different film will take the Oscar Statuette trophy, though she did not specify which one. She also included Silver Linings Playbook as one of the films she would like to win saying that it “would be my second choice for best picture”.

Lincoln was also the favorite of Tim Thayer, a Sears employee inside the mall. He predicted, with more confidence then Birkby, that Lincoln would, in fact, win best picture. 

For those who haven’t seen the historical film, Thayer recommends it: “If you like politics, you’ll like this movie” he said. 

Neither Thayer or Birkby were sure if they would watch the show which boasted 39.3 million viewers in 2012, a slight increase from the previous year. 

Cheri Myseth was also at Cinemark 17 on Wednesday and while she says that she is “trying to watch all the movies” she was not going to see one of the acclaimed films at this years awards. Instead, she and her friend were going to watch a special showing of Saturday Night Fever that the theater was hosting. 

When it comes to best actor though, Myseth thinks she knows who will win.

“I’m sure it will be the guy from Les Mis [who wins],” she said. “He’s awesome!”

She is, of course, talking about Hugh Jackman who plays Jean Valjean in the big-screen adaption of the Broadway musical, Les Misérables.

Birkby also predicted that the musical would have another winner in the best actress category with Anne Hathaway. 

“Daniel Day-Lewis and Anne Hathaway will win best actor and actress,” she said. Day-Lewis is the title star of Lincoln.

 Lincoln leads the nomination count with 12 total. Silver Linings Playbook was nominated in seven major categories for this years awards including best picture, director, adapted screen play, and all four acting categories. This is the first film in 30 years to “earn that distinction“. 

The other films that will be up for best picture, besides Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook, include Beasts of the Southern Wild, Les Misérables, Amour, Life of Pi, Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo.


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